Adbuster S13 Video

Check out this campaign video for Adbusters shot, chopped and scored by yours truly.

From Adbusters:

On September 13th, our wolves’ cry will incite the Full Moon Rebellion. 

This is the prelude to the Season of Rebellion when Extinction Rebellion groups across the world will rise up in the name of life on earth.

S13 ushers in a new paradigm of protest: outsider activism.

Let’s mobilize for the sake of our planet — and in so doing, change the very face of activism.

On Friday September the 13 join us in enacting a billion acts of civil disobedience.

This is the nature of the Full Moon Rebellion.
This is the prelude to the Season of Revolt. 
This is the beginning of an end. 
Do you want to be there from the start?