We are three goblins crawling out of an East Vancouver dungeon to melt minds with our synth addled grunge. The Ghosts are Megan Krenbrink on drums, Andrew Walker on guitar and Joey Chaos yelling into a mic. We scorch digital synthesis with analog instrumentation to create distorted synthetic soundscapes punctuated by jagged guitar blasts and brutalist beats.

2021 saw the release of Immolation. Written on the stage, these four songs were recorded and produced by the band during lockdown. Immolation is a reflexive take on a world in decline and explores themes of love, loss, sacrifice and self-care against the rising tide of fascism, inequity and ecological collapse.

We’ve snuck onto stages big and small, from house parties to the Verboden Festival, Partyfest and the 2018 Juno Week Celebrations. We play well with others and have shared the stage with Landscape Body Machine, Night Club, Freak Dream and Devours. 

In 2019 we released Elegy. The EP was written as a reactive, cathartic response to political discord, social ennui, love, addiction and death. Most of the instrumentation was recorded live – a first for us – and captures the raw energy of our stage show.

Following the release of Elegy was the debut of our Netlove music video at Rent Cheque, Vancouver’s only all bodies, LGBTQ+ friendly amateur strip night. Netlove explored the transactional intersection of sex, screens and hookups – in other words being thirsty and looking for love in 2019. This NSFW DIY-shot video was filmed on location at Granville Street and the world’s last operational 8mm peep show at the Movieland Arcade.