Immolation EP is a reflexive take on a world in decline and explores themes of love, loss, sacrifice and self-care against the rising tide of fascism, inequity and ecological collapse.

Immolation was written, recorded and produced by Andrew Walker, Megan Krenbrink and Joey Chaos. It was released on February 12, 2021 and follows the release of the lead single Stinky Dog and its accompanying lyric video. It was mastered by Greg Reely and is the follow up to Elegy (2019) and the single Fear (2016).

It is available on cassette through Surkeus Records, Bandcamp and all major streaming platforms.



Elegy was written as a reactive, cathartic response to political discord, social ennui, love, addiction and death. Most of the instrumentation was recorded live – a first for us – and captures the raw energy of our stage show.

Written and produced by Joey Chaos, Andrew Walker and Megan Krenbrink with additional production by Chris Peterson (OHM, Frontline Assembly, Decree) and additional engineering by Elliot Fanglord (Freak Dream).

Elegy was mastered by Greg Reely and is the follow up to our single Fear (2016) and our full length album Polarizer (2013).


Originally released as a DiY project in 2013, POL∆RIZER was reworked during the past 18 months of the pandemic. Digitally absent for the past 4 years, POL∆RIZER has been revisited from the original sessions and meticulously restored and expanded to include six additional remixes and instrumentals.

POL∆RIZER features collaborations with Kimmortal, Ada Rook and Teddybare with re-intentioned art by David Granneman. Combining synthpop, industrial, bedroom pop and the proto hyper-pop of the Tumblr era, this album offers a glimpse into the early experimental writing partnership of Chaos and Walker before the formation of Joey Chaos and The Ghosts in 2017.

It is available on cassette through Surkeus Records, Bandcamp and all major streaming platforms.


FEAR was informed by the suppression, conformity and vengeful ghosts in the wake of pure ego death. This single marks our first steps towards The Ghosts.



After much demand from fans and bands, we decided to compile a Post-Punk compilation, called “Post-Punk (Genesis)”, uniting Post-Punk artists from allover the world. 

We were honestly quite surprised by the amount of submissions we received, 1564 in total. 44 bands were then invited to be part of the compilation itself. You’ll get an eclectic collection of all of the colors you can find inside the Post-Punk scene, from pure New Wave to contemporary mixes of Post Punk and electronics. There will be something for everyone! 

The tracks underwent careful post mastering & sound adjustment by Erlend Eilertsen (Lights A.M, Essence Of Mind) and this for a maximum audio pleasure. 

“Post-Punk (Genesis)” is available here for free or as a pay-what-you-want download release. All proceedings will again go to the various charities we support.